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Your Dashboard

Accessing Your Dashboard

When you sign up to The Shortlyst, your User Name will appear on the top right hand side of the screen.  You can create a listing from here with the +Add Listing, but we suggest you create your Profile and take a look at Your Dashboard first.  By hovering over your User Name you can access both of these areas.

Your dashboard on The Shortlyst

User Profile

Within your User Profile, you can add a bio of who you are, additional details about you and your business plus a picture, so get your selfies at the ready.

Your dashboard on The Shortlyst 4
Your dashboard on The Shortlyst 1

Your Dashboard really is your view to customer behaviour and how well your listing is doing.  Amount of views, either weekly or monthly and which days are more popular is a handy way of know when your audience is most engaged.  Customer leads are tracking every time someone messages you or goes and has a look at your Facebook, website or other social media.  Customer reviews enables you to keep track to see who is championing you and your service.  The more reviews you have, the more customers will be encouraged to use your services.