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Create Your listing

1-Choose a Shortlyst Package

When you want to create a listing, you will be asked what type of listing you would like.  Depending on the features of the listing, there are options, Free, Enhanced and Premium.  Choose which one you would like or contact hello@theshortlyst.com if you need help to decide.

2-Complete the details for your business / service

There are lots of prompts and tips plus pictures to show you where your information will be shown.  All the information you put on the form will be public, so if you have either an Enhanced or Premium package, make sure you put in all your socials, website or other important details.

3-Listing Title and Tagline

There are many ways that a potential customer can search for you and the first one is your Listing Title or business name.  This can be your own name if that is what you work under.  Put in a tagline for your business for example, The Shortlyst’s is ‘Find Your Beauty’.

4-Your City

Customers can search for all business within a certain area.  The Shortlyst has all districts of Essex.  Select the area you are based or several if you work across several areas.  This way you will come up in more searches.  If you have the Enhanced or Premium package, put in your address and a nifty little map will appear on your listing so people know exactly where to find you.


You can choose as many categories based on the type of services you provide.  This will mean you will be seen in more categories and will be convenient for customers looking for therapists who offer more than one service.


Introduce yourself and your services.  Letting people know how long you have been in business is always beneficial and also whether you are flexible with times that you operate in.  Do you specialise in particular treatments or special offers?  Give your potential customers a peek into your world so you stand out.


Social media is instant and engaging.  If you have a Facebook, Instagram or other presence, make sure you include all of them.  The Shortlyst is linked to them all and every time someone looks at one of your socials from your listing, you will know.  It is all tracked in your Dashboard.


All listings can upload images. Free listings can only upload one image.  With the Enhanced and Premium packages, you can upload more images and really show off your services and treatments.

9-Submitting your Listing

Once you have filled in all the details for your listings, you will be asked to tick the box agreeing to Terms and Conditions and then invited to submit your listing.

Our administrators receive a notification and will check that you have included essential information and may give you a call if we feel you have forgotten something.

Once approved, you will receive an email that your listing is live!

10-Looking after and editing your listing

From your Dashboard you can see your listing, edit it, upgrade it or swap images.  You are in complete control and can make any changes, any time.